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Wind energy becomes possible

Interview with Enrico Bruschini

Wind is strange, who sails knows it! It is necessary to understand it’s speed, where it is, it must be of “high quality” and mostly it must be exploited through the plant which is most suitable with everyone’s needs. Only once You verify the technical feasibility, You can start the installation process. Energie Etiche is a young company composed by a team of engineers which puts all its enthusiasm on renewable energies. Enrico Bruschini is one shareholder. We met him.

When was Energie Etiche born? Which are its objectives?
Energie Etiche is a young company which offers an innovative anemometry service in order to evaluate the charateristics of the place where to install a wind turbine. It offers also many other solutions for the production of energy from renewable sources.
The innovation was born in 2008 when someone asked us to plan a wind plant for a green village in Umbria. The first step in order to make the plant come true was to cut down the costs and the time associated to the resource assessment of the site, but such a service didn’t exist on the market. For this reasion we got to work and we developed a system that, in few months and with a very limited expenditure, could accurately assess the wind resource. The excellent result achieved led us to offer the service (named “Eolo Wind Assessment Solution”) to the market. We knew that the possibility to reduce dramatically the costs and the time for the preliminar evaluations represented a benefit which is valued all over the World.

Your company operates in the field of renewable energies, but on which energy do you focus the most?

According to the most authoritative estimates of the sector, we believe that the wind energy has a huge potential both in absolute terms and relatively to the other renewable sources. The problem of the wind energy production lies on the difficulty to make the initial choice and evaluation of the site where to build the wind turbine. Traditional anemometry campaigns last too long and are too costly to every private or firm that would install a micro or a small wind plant. Moreover, if You don’t know the wind energy potential on a particoular site, You could never evaluate the efficiency of Your investment. Energie Etiche wants to exploit the untapped potential of the wind energy, reducing the time and the costs of the anemometric evaluations, in order to open the growth of the micro and small wind market.

An innovative system for the wind resource assessment. How does it work?
Eolo Wind Assessment Solution put the analysis of historical meteorological data together with the surveys made on the site. This double level of data, together with our unique algorithm, gives the highest precision of the estimates. This is also true for the smallest domestic plants. I notice that generally the market gives no clarity on how much a plant will cost or on the economic gain for its owner.

How does Your offer overcome this obstacle?
What gives the most confusion to those who want to install a micro or small wind turbine, is the inability to tell ex-ante which is the optimal turbine for that site. This meaning that who evaluates an investment on a wind turbine face products with same nominal power but very different prices. This huge offering displaces the customer. Turbines with different prices have a different technology, but their efficiency only depends on the characteristics of the wind on the specific site.
Eolo Wind Assessment Solution solves this problem; indeed, our software, after having evaluated the wind resource, suggests which is the most suitable turbine for that site, among those present on the marketplace.

How did the families’ and firms’ attitude towards renewable energies change? How did the market react to Energie Etiche?
In the last years there has been a great attention towards the renewable energies. The economic and financial crisis has led everyone to pay greater attention to the wasteful consumption.
In this context, our challenge is to create conciousness about the wind power, and to demonstrate that this wonderful source of energy is finally suitable also with small domestic plants.
The results achieved are promising. We already had the interest of many professionists of the sector, all over the World.
The development and the improvement of Eolo required long time but now we are ready to offer it to the international markets: the challenge is still open.

By the homepage of the Ordine degli Ingegneri di Roma (Order of Engineers of Rome)

The last 6th of July, during a seminar which held in the conference room of the Ordine degli Ingegneri di Roma, it was presented the case of success of a renewable energies company formed by three engineers. At the “Think Bic creativity, sustainability and competitiveness” which held on the last 28 May, the company (Energie Etiche) was recognized as one among the the 100 most eco-innovative firms. It also became part of the Ecolink+Business Club, which is a project financed by the European Commission and will allow to introduce the business idea at the European level. The firm will be incubated at the Tecnopolo Tiburtino since it devloped an eco-solution for the small wind sector. This solution reduces the necessary time to assess the wind resource, and this will allow to overcome the time and costs barriers of the anemometric campaigns. Thanks to this, the colleagues could come into a partnership with the European Space Agency and the ENEA (the national agency for new technologies, the energy and the sustainable economic development), in order to improve their service.

A success case which was born with the services of the Ordine degli Ingegneri di Roma, indeed the course as well as the agreement with the three regional bodies that support our collegues, are part of the activities of the Sportello Orientamento Imprenditoriale (Room of Entrepreneurial Orientation), which is managed by the Eng. Fabio Polizzi (fareimpresa@ording.roma.it). The aim of this body is to promote towards every member the opportunities that can be achieved by our colleagues, among which there are economic and financial incentives.

In the next few days will start the third edition of the course, after the great success registered in the last year. In this edition everyone will learn how to make a business plan and how to get access to the credit for the young entrepreneurs.

From the creativity of engineers, come the investmenrs in the energy sector

The desire to start a business: an engine that can stronghly link even people unknown to each other.

Three people that, without any personal link but to be engineers (one computer, one electronic and the other aerospatial with many master degrees and many employment experiences), decided to attend the course of entrepreneurial formation organized by Fabio Polizzi at the Ordine di Roma. After they met, they probed the possibilities to work together, and built up a company with the suggestions learnt at lesson.

Indeed, from three engineers Energie Etiche was born. Energie Etiche is a company that operates in the sector of renewable energies and energy saving, aiming mostly to small-wind through a break-through innovation in the wind assessment field. But how does it work?

“Nowadays it takes 12 months and 10 to 15 thousands euros to find out if a site is suitable for a wind power plant -says the Eng. Crestini-. Instead, we invented a system, composed by an hardware and a software, which assess the wind resource in only two months of surveys and absolutely low cost. This way, we believe we can boost the small wind turbine market in Italy, which is stuck due to the costs of the anemometry”. These plants that generate powers which can go from 20 to 200 kW, are the most attractive for private customers, local communities and farmers that want to save on energy bills and gain from the incentives. Not only. “This kind of plants are perfect in order to save energy -tells the Eng. Ferri- because what You produce, You exploit yourself without having any transmission losses”. Next steps, however, are crucial and the 2011 will be foundamental to build Energie Etiche up.

The anemometric system is still to be patented, but it already gave the recognition of the Ecolink Business Club, which is the selection of the top 100 eco-innovative firms in Europe. The next step will be the scientific validation of the system by bodies like the ESA, the ENEA and the Universities of Cassino and Tor Vergata. Only after those steps Energie Etiche will develop the product for the market. “We aim to a turnover of at least 10 Millions euros-tells Crestini- which is a limited objective if You look at the demand, and only because we are still a start-up. But pay attention: we do not have competitors and also the big energy operators are very interested in this project.”.

Of course, the first two years will be crucial.

Actually, the bureaucratic problems are many and Energie Etiche started to search for investors, also to get access to the Regional support of 2007-2013.

However, these problems are common to every new entrepreneur.