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Energie Etiche

Energie Etiche is passion for renewable energies Energie Etiche S.r.l. is a company founded in 2010 by a team of engineers which loves renewable energies. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the team, and with the partnership of the European Space Agency, Energie Etiche is about to become the global leader for its break-through innovation in the field of wind reasource assessment. Our mission We at Energie Etiche promote ethics with respect to our environment and when dealing with every customer and the people working with us. We do this through the development of break-through innovations in the field of renewable energies. Code of ethics Energie Etiche for us is business and life. We believe that our first responsibility is to the human being and the environment. Our projects serve to produce energy by renewable energies, in order to improve the quality of life and to leave a better World to our sons. We believe that is ethical to perform every act of our job with the highest professionalism. We take the maximum care to the needs of each customer, and we discourage the implementation of plants which are not in line with the expectations of the person who want to install it. We believe that, for the development of this sector, there must be not only expertise and professionalism, but primarly the honestly in dealing with the customers, who have to feel safe of their choices. Providing the correct information we create consciousness with respect to our environment, and promote a sustainable development of the sources of Energy all over the Globe.